• Petr Boruta

Create services and products in your building

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

As a building owner, you can create your own service profiles as well as create products and perks. With this feature, you can offer your services like catering, yoga sessions or consultancies directly.

How it works?


— Go to Services and hit the button Create new in the top right corner and choose Services.

— Fill in all blanks. Fields marked with a red star * are mandatory.

— You need to add both a background image and a profile image for the service. Add both pictures by pressing Drop image here or click to select or choose to search for an image by clicking Search images.

— Under Service Settings please select what category the service falls under.

— By ticking the box Invite supplier directly an email will be sent to the service supplier.

— In the last step, you choose your space.

— Don't forget to hit Publish.