• Lukas Balik

COVID-19 response: A message from Spaceflow's CEO

Updated: May 13

The coronavirus outbreak is commanding the world's attention and impacting the markets in new and profound ways. First and foremost, our thoughts are with all of those affected at this time.

With that in mind, we want to stress one thing: we remain fully committed to our mission: to enable a better life in buildings across the world. Now, more than ever, we feel the responsibility to create and support connected communities and help local businesses to thrive.

We firmly believe that technology and innovation can help us to fight the current crisis and improve the safety of everyone. See below some of the tips by our experts from the Community Engagement team that we put together with our clients and partners.

Around the world, numerous properties and property companies were caught off-guard by the coronavirus outbreak. I hope these tips will help you to navigate yourself and get some inspiration in these times.

We are here for you and ready to assist to support your occupiers.

📱 How Spaceflow helps with post-covid re-entry

These are the 3 key areas we cover in 17 countries:

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🤵 Not sure how to support occupiers?

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Let’s face it, many of us are not prepared enough for emergencies and might not always know how we can help occupiers. However, in times like these, we’ve seen communities becoming stronger than ever and the people who stand out as leaders are those who are the best at communicating calm and clarity in stressful times. 

We want to help you leverage our platform for just this, so our Community Engagement team gathered tips based on research from our global property managers.

Tips for residential property managers

Tips for commercial property managers

🏠 How to increase engagement when everybody is working from home

A person using a laptop computer

What happens when your tenants aren't coming into the office any longer? That's a question that landlords everywhere are now grappling with. Even if your occupants aren't physically present, though, landlords still have opportunities to build community remotely.

Cultivating good experiences is becoming a chief responsibility of residential property managers, even in the current situation.

🤗 How to keep apartment and co-living residents well-informed during COVID-19

In this article, we're diving into some things residential property managers should be doing for—and with—their residents to keep them safe, stimulated and happy throughout this outbreak. 

Spaceflow content about COVID-19

🍲 How Spaceflow helps local services

Are you a local company affected by COVID-19? We can help you spread the word about your currently offered service in localities we are active in free of charge. Get in touch via community@spaceflow.io and let's start the discussion.

Have any questions about our product offering? Do not hesitate to get in touch.

Stay safe, healthy, and – if possible – productive. Let us know if we can help you create better-connected communities.

Lukas Balik

CEO & co-founder