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3 Community industry reports

Updated: May 4, 2020

Do you want to read more insights into the community industry? Have a look at these 3 community reports!


Leadership and management are evolving in fundamental ways, driven by changing access to information brought on by technology. Information and people can no longer be controlled through centralized governance structures. At the same time, they are more susceptible to being controlled through their relationships, cultures, and influences.

That shift has been disorienting to both those in leadership and management roles, as well as individuals. We must collectively work to understand this enormous shift in how power is exerted. Communities are now seen as critical governance approaches to transforming organizations and culture.

Communities Ascend: Growing Success, Growing Risks explores these key findings:

  • Communities Propel Engagement

  • Communities Transform Organizations

  • Community Leadership is Unevenly Distributed

Download this report.


This research conducted by CMX will help you understand how businesses are investing in the community, what they’re measuring, what tools they’re using, and what their top challenges are. Take a look so you can plan your 2020 Community Strategy accordingly. Download this report.


Find out what Vanilla’s experts say your community will be up against, and how to address these trends with over 40 key recommendations to stay ahead of the curve!

From topics of going green to the rise of branded online communities, the emergence of AI, customer-centric design, ROI and much more.

Download the report.

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