• Tereza Krpcová

6 Community myths

Updated: May 4, 2020

Building a strong community can be difficult. If you want to succeed with community building, it’s up to you to be aware of the misconceptions that exist surrounding communities and to do everything in your power to avoid making these mistakes. Let’s get right to it!

#1 “Most community members don’t participate so it must be a failure.”

It takes a lot of effort of every community team to engage as many people as possible. It is a never-ending journey, because with every single new person in your community, the community needs to change a little bit. You have to have your eyes and ears open and try to find a way how to be in touch with your community constantly and how to react promptly to their needs.

#2 “We don’t need a community strategy.”

Every community needs a strategy, which helps you stick to your community purpose. There are several reasons. The most important one is that without a strategy, you can’t set meaningful goals. And without goals there is nothing to measure. So, how do you find out what impact your community has on your business goals? Do you need with defining your comunity´s business model? Have a look at SPACEI model by CMX.

#3 “Community manager is social media manager.”

Community Management and Social Media Management are not the same things at all. First of all, not every community exists merely online. Social Media Manager is somebody who represents a brand in the best possible way, he or she is the voice of the brand. Community Manager will communicate as themselves, not the brand, and work on developing the community by listening to the audience. The Community Manager often works on new ways to engage the community and is often seen as advocates of the brand. Do you need more information about these differences? Read this article on Medium.

#4 “If you build it, they will come.”

What every Community Manager always has to bear in mind is how to raise engagement within the community because it doesn’t happen itself. It is very important to communicate the value of your community on a regular basis.

#5 “It won’t take long to build a community.”

To build a strong community doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a long time to learn what your audience needs, likes and dislikes and what tools work for your community. This exciting discovering never ends – your community can always work more efficiently and can be more valuable for members and business itself.

#6 “Communities are only for fun.”

Communities are not only about parties, networking and alcohol drinking. It is very important to define your community purpose and to set a strategy and goals which help you to fulfill your community purpose. If you want to know more about it, read our article Why Are Communities So Important? where you can find reasons why companies build a community and care about it a lot. What is the purpose of your community?

You can find other community myths in the article Newbie Myth Busting: 13 Assumptions About Community Management by CMX.

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